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.....Were also very happy to report that Progressive Power Metal group MYSTIC-FORCE has re-signed with Siegen Records and both parties will gear up to prepare their fifth coming studio album later in 2012. Checkout the Siegen Records Exclussive Free Digital Download of a rare version of one brand new MYSTIC-FORCE song in a advanced Demo mix. 
.....Siegen Records has also re-issue the debut MYSTIC-FORCE album "Take Command". The album will be released in June with brand new cover art, re-mastering, extra photos, liner notes and bonus tracks to make a special deluxe edition of their classic debut. This is the first time the album is releaed in North America as a full length, as well as the the first time ever to be issued on Compact Disc worldwide. "Take Command" will also be released in a special limited edition 500 Vinyl pressing of this re-mastered version. 

.....MYSTIC-FORCE has been hard at work in the studio however the members will break away for a mini tour in support of the re-issued "Take Command" CD coming on Siegen Records. The "Take Command 2012" tour will feature 8 special shows in three countries, with two co-headlining festival appearances in Germany (Keep It True 2012) and North America (Warriors of Metal 2012) and three headlining shows. 


"Take Command 2012" tour 
Club 66, Edgewood, MD.  (Debut show w/ new Line-up) Fri, April 13th
'Keep It Metal 2012' - Surf City, MD. (M-F + 6 bands) Sat, April 14th
'Keep It True 2012' - Germany (M-F + 19 bands) Fri, April 27th
Block 33, Thessaloniki, Greece (M-F + 3 bands) Sun, April 29th
An Club, Athens, Greece (M-F + 1 band) Mon, April 30th
Sinix, Essex, MD. (M-F + 2 bands) Sat, June 9th
Green Turtle, Aberdeen, MD. (M-F + 1 band) Fri, June 15th
Warriors of Metal 2012 - Columbus, OH. (M-F + 22 bands) Fri, May 27th 

.....So please come support MYSTIC-FORCE on the last three shows of the 8 night live stunt and witness the new Mark III: Line-up on stage. The group is very excited to see you all while out in support of the re-issued "Take Command" CD. 




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